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 formally known as Millennium Star
16.1 hand 15 yr old (1-1-97) grey thoroughbred gelding.
I've been riding Millennium since 2007 after I outgrew my pony, Disney. He used to be a jumper where we got him trained by a huge well-known grand prix jumper in our area and this horse can jump the freaking moon. When I started riding him, I decided that I wanted to do eventing. Unfortunately, in the 3 years I've been eventing, Millennium hadn't been able to grasp the fact of dressage, our best score was a 36. I'm sooo in love with horse and I couldn't ask for any better. Millennium was diagnosed with throat cancer on September 16th, 2011 and was retired for good.

Phoenix, formally known as Up In Flames
16.3 hand 12 yr old (4-23-00) chestnut thoroughbred gelding.
I bought Phoenix on June 23rd, 2011. Previously, he had evented to training level and then his rider switched to dressage and competed him to second level with scores in the 70%'s, regularly schooling third. He is registered in jockey club as Uncle Slick and his previous owner rode him under the name City Slicker (Slick.) I've always wanted a chestnut named Phoenix so I obviously changed it (against name-changing superstitions!) We have qualified for AEC's for 2012 and will be going to compete!

Luna, formally known as Lunar Eclipse
15.2 hand 7 yr old (4-12-05) dapple grey thoroughbred mare.
We've had Luna since April of 2010. She went blind in her left eye after getting a little bit of dirt in it, so she is still healing and we will breed her hopefully.

teeny tiny 12 yr old paint miniature pony.
I got Tj for my half birthday 9 years ago when he was still a stallion. He has three offspring: Snickers, Doodle, and Gracie. Now that he is gelded, he lives a fat and happy life with his baby, Gracie.

teeny tiny 3 yr old (5-18-09) paint miniature pony.
Gracie's mommy became very ill with liver failure 3 weeks after she was born and despite all of our efforts, and the vet's efforts, we were not able to save her and had to euthanize her. Since then, Gracie lived in our backyard and came into the house often so she is extremely attached to us. We finally put her in the pasture with Tj, her daddy but she still likes people more.

Reggie, formally known as PF The Thrill
16.1 hand 8 year old chestnut thoroughbred gelding. Reggie is my sister's new horse that she will be eventing. He is a sweet heart and shows lots of talent!


Corona, formally known as High Speed 
16.1 hand 13 yr old (1-1-99) bay thoroughbred mare

Disney, formally known as Disneyland
13.2 hand 17 yr old bay welsh pony mare

Disney was bought by a family with two little girls that are winning the hunter circuit!

Inca, formally known as Great Expectations
16.1 hand 12 yr old (1-1-00) dark bay thoroughbred mare.

Inca is currently living on our farm again because he owner broke her hip and needs a long time to recover! God, I love this mare!

In memory of...
Jewel, Dixie, Taffeta, & McCall

Last updated on May 29th, 2012