About Me

My name is Mallory and I'm 16 years young! Some like to describe be as loud, rambunctious and flamboyant.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved horses. My mom was into horses, my sister was into horses. Natually, I was going to be horse crazy whether I chose it or not. I started off, like most little girls, in the hunter world. However, my pony was far from push button and ran off/bucked me off/misbehaved with me multiple times. It made me a tough rider and taught me how to stay on. And we still won. I found my way into the jumper world which eventually led me to pony club in 2006. After outgrowing Disney, I moved up to Millennium in 2007. Our pony club puts on a USEA recognized horse trial every spring (Mill Creek Pony Club Horse Trials, area 4) and it is mandatory for every pony clubber to volunteer. This is how I found my way into the eventing world. Millennium and I continued to learn more about eventing and in the fall of 2008, we went to our first USEA recognized event and won. :) Since then I've only entered Millennium in one other USEA event, due to his lack of dressage knowledge. I decided to switch him back over to jumpers, what he really loves, and just recently purchased a new event horse, named Phoenix.

I've thoroughly enjoyed this whirlwind of an experience, and it's not even close to being over yet.