Thursday, August 4, 2011

Phoenix's Old USEA records

Did some snooping on USEA and finally found Phoenix's old USEA records, back when he was a 4/5 year old and before I changed his name.

I think you can click to make it bigger.

I'm pleased with his dressage scores, but I'm concerned with the time penalties he receives on cross country. I'll try not to get any. Also, show jumping seems to be his weakest. Based on the SJ time, my guess his penalties on show jumping are refusals and not pulled rails. I'm a pretty aggressive jumper so he won't get any refusals on my watch.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Short and Sweet!

Good news! Phoenix's swelling went down significantly and there was no drainage (which is good) coming out of his wound. The vet drained it and gave him medicine, rewrapped it and said he'd be out again tomorrow to drain it one more time. Tomorrow he'll give me oral medications to start giving to Phoenix and I will wrap it myself. Thank you pony club for proper bandaging lessons!

In other news, my horse trainer, Donna, wants me to take Phoenix to a dressage show at Stoney Meadows on August 13th. Entries are due on Tuesday, so I have to make a decision that works in Phoenix's favor. It'd only be training level. I'm not worried about technicality or difficulty. I just want to make sure he's sound.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Highs & Lows of Horse Ownership

Horses have a way of telling us when it's time for us to come down from our high. Phoenix did just that today. Obviously with horse ownership, nothing ever goes as planned.

Last night, Phoenix decided to get his leg caught somewhere in the pasture, or maybe kicked out at something and cut it. My sister (who feeds in the mornings) went out to feed and he couldn't walk this morning. So we called the vet immediately who was there within an hour. The vet flushed all the puss out and wrapped him & drugged him up and said he has a deep abrasion. The vet will be coming back tomorrow to check on him. He said if the swelling has gone down by tomorrow then the abrasion was only skin deep and will be better in a few days. However, if not, then he'll have to take a different approach that could take several months to heal. So yeah. Horses are frustrating and extremely humbling. And so expensive. Phoenix is comfortable in his stall with a light meal and he is happy and drugged.

On a lighter note, Millennium came home yesterday. His leaser unfortunately didn't pass her B on the flat portion. She used a different horse for the flat. Millennium was fantastic for her though and she really enjoyed his time with her. However, during his lease, Millennium lost a significant amount of weight. He's going to get a couple weeks off to relax and put his weight back on and hopefully we can aim for some jumper A shows by the fall.

I'll keep you updated on Phoenix when the vet comes back out.