Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Horse Filled Weekend, part II

Let me start off by saying, I have a whole 2 followers now! Great success.

So Sunday was an adventure all in itself. It was freaking hot. Like sweltering 105* hot. I rode beginner novice test B in the combined test (show jumping and dressage) and then in a test in it's own all in the same day. Mind you, I had only ridden Phoenix 7 times leading up to this show. It was cheap to enter and we wanted to get a good starting point which is why we entered. :)

The first test was interesting. The approx. time on beginner novice test B is 3:20. Well we did it in probably, 2 minutes. Phoenix had a very nice and relaxed warmup. He did it like the pro that he is. But when we got into the test, it was me that choked. I was so focused on remembering my test that I sort of forgot how to ride. :) I've always struggled with dressage with Millennium, but I forgot that I was dealing with a 3rd level dressage horse here. Beginner novice dressage was easy stuff to him. He took advantage of my passenger-ness and did the test the way he wanted to do it. And on the right lead canter, we we're supposed to trot at H, and I couldn't get him to trot until well into the second corner. So yeah, lots to work on. The judge gave us a fair 40 which set us in 2nd place out of 4 riders. :) We jumped around show jumping clean and easy to keep us in second and to get our very first ribbon together as a team.

Watch our first test below. :)

After I knew what to work on after riding the first test, in the warm-up, I focused on slow and relaxed and listening to my aids. We also did lots of transition work. The second test was significantly better. This time I was so focused on my riding that I kind of forgot my test. :) It's either one or the other! Well with the error of pilot (-2 error) I earned a 35! That is my best test to date! And to think that it would've been a 33 without the error. And I've only ridden him 7 times leading up to the show. I think we can really go somewhere together as a team. I've entered him in the USEA Heritage Park Horse Trials on August 27-28 at beginner novice. It's the same test we did that weekend so hopefully I can improve it even more.

Looking good, Phoenix ;)

On a side note, me and my friend took Phoenix and my pony, Disney, on a trail ride that ended in swimming in a pond. It was a blast. Millennium comes home sunday so we're all going on another one and I promise I'll take lots of photos. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures (and video) from last week!

Phoenix confused because I wasn't on his back.
Disney enjoying a nice roll with Michaela on her back.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Horse Filled Weekend, part I

I seriously had such a blast this weekend. Phoenix got new feets on the 13th. He is soo tender footed and can't even walk in grass without his shoes. I wanted to give barefoot eventing a try, but the week he threw his shoes, he was miserable. Sooo we'll put that idea on the back burner until I figure out what to do! I'm always open to suggestions :)

Phoenix getting new feets.
This past week I was a busy girl preparing for the schooling trials, also known as Phoenix and I's debut show together. Wednesday prior,  I had a flat lesson and we went over the test. We rode beginner novice test b. Let's just say, it was pretty bad. I had absolutely no breaks whatsoever. Or steering. I was nervous for sunday. Had I entered in a show too soon when I've only ridden this horse 4 times? My idea to enter the show was to get a good "starting point" to work with. That way I know how much improvement I can get. On Thursday, we jumped Phoenix for the first time and he was a very good boy. :) Apparently my horse does have wings!

Pooped after a long ride.
Friday, he got the day off. But I gave him a very nice bath and pulled his mane and shaved his face/legs. He didn't mind it, but he didn't enjoy it either! :)

On Saturday, I took the Phoenix to his very first cross country schooling, since I bought him! :) I was expecting some refusals and lookiness but nope! He jumped everything in perfect textbook form and with much enthusiasm! I schooled the whole beginner novice course and a few novices. After we schooled cross country, we went to go to ride my test since they already had the ring set up for Sunday. Well, Mr. Phoenix decided he wanted to pull a show with that giant overstep trot of his. Three days after getting it put on. Grrrrr. We had to stop riding and I had to frantically call every farrier in the area to get it put back on. Luckily, my trainer's barn was having a hunter/jumper show that had a farrier on scene. So we drove to that barn and waited. Well, while we were waiting, a lady was giving away free boxer puppies so I didn't think and just took one. :) I named her Chloe. Anyways, it pissed my parents off because I didn't ask so I gave her to a friend that wanted a puppy. They love her to death. :) And to top it off, Phoenix got his shoe put back on! Stay tuned for part II. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

LONG time, no blog? But I have NEWS! :D

God, am I terrible at this blogging thing or what!

For the past month and a half, our internet has been knocked out because of a bad series of storms we had. I've been surviving off of my facebook app that is downloaded on my phone. There is so much I want to say. However, this blog post would be a mini-novel and I'm not even sure I have anybody reading this! So I'll do a nice month recap and get down to the good stuff. :)

February - I tried Phaeton, fell off of him, fell in love with him and wanted him. The entire ten hour drive back to Kansas, I begged and pleaded my mom. However, due to him being thirteen and asking 13k, my mom just wasn't willing to pay top dollar for a horse that was competed extensively. I accepted it, Phaeton got sold, and we moved on. In the process however, Phaeton's previous owner and I have talked a lot and she's very nice. Gotta love horse people. If we're being honest though, I still want Phaeton. He was such a sweetheart.
March - I took Millennium to a two day dressage/show jumping clinic. Day one was miserable. Dressage. I was in the training level group and the clinician (I wish I could remember her name) kept telling me how much my horse clearly hated dressage. Um, DUH! That's why I'm looking for a new one lady! I was crying at the end of the day but couldn't wait for the show jumping to redeem myself. The next day was amazing. I was the one showing everyone up and at the end of the day, the clinician came up to me and told me that my horse is obviously telling me he just wants to do show jumping. We had such a good time jumping.

April - Nothing exciting happened. I was going to go to Rolex for the third consecutive year but my grandfather, who I considered one of my best friends, died at the age of 91 years old. He and my grandma were married for almost 70 years, and my grandma was devastated. Rest in peace, Grandpa. I love you so much.

May - In May, I made the decision to try and sell Millennium as a jumper so I'd have enough money to buy an event horse. Within three days of posting his ad, I got a call from a girl from my former pony club that was looking for a jumper to take the jumping portion of her 'B' rating at the end of July. I know her pretty well and know how great of a rider she is, so I jumped on the opportunity. Millennium is being leased out and settled into the new barn in mere minutes and I'm sure he's loving all the jumping. One of my friends told me that they are jumping four foot courses. One thing I've learned about leasing Millennium out is that I cannot stand having him gone. So I've decided when he comes home, there's no way I can sell him. I love my horse and cannot wait til he gets home! :)

June - I was out of a horse for what seemed like was gonna be the whole season. Obviously no AEC's this year. But, Corona sold so that meant we had some extra cash and more property space. I was searching dreamhorse one night and found a horse. I showed it to my mom and she was very interested. We talked with the owner for a few weeks and on June 23rd, 2011, my mom drove 12 hours down to Alabama to pick up what would be my new horse! His name was Slick but I changed it to Phoenix aka "Up In Flames." :) He's an 11 year old 16.3 hand chestnut thoroughbred that competed training level when he was five, and then sold to a dressage rider who rode him third level! I'm enjoying riding him. His sitting trot is sooo smooth and his extensions are amazing! We are going to our first show a week from today! We're only doing a couple dressage tests just to get a good "starting point." I'm so excited! I've finally got a nice dressage horse.

And there we are! All caught up!
I promise I'll keep this thing updated more often from now on :)