Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bump In The Road

Wow, has it been a while. And I apologize for that. Thank you so much Striker823 from youtube to remind me to do this thing. It makes me feel good that people (or a person) are actually reading this little shindig! Soo much to say! I don't even know where to begin.

March was incredibly snowy, so my season got somewhat of a late start. I had probably 7 lessons in March, whereas I usually had 3 lessons a week. It was difficult trying to start up our season on kind of a late start. Darn you, snow. On the other hand, my birthday was in March! :) I've been begging for a dressage saddle for the past two years, because I've been doing dressage & jumping in a hand-me-down jumping saddle that I got when I was 8 years old that doesn't fit me or my horse. So I asked for a dressage saddle! My mom told me no, but when she picked me up from school, she took me to our local tack store and had me fitted for a dressage saddle! I got a Collegiate Convertible and I also got a Kieffer dressage bridle. Let's just say I was stoked!

April was a fabulous month! All of my lessons were kicked into full swing. We went to our first open cross country schooling that month, and I jumped loads of training stuff, and I think one or two prelims but I am having a hard time remembering. But you can find that video on youtube; my channel is malpal17. I was so happy with that day and I felt the most connected with Millennium than I ever have. Also... April was Rolex Kentucky!! My mom and trainer have a tradition of going to Rolex to watch. It's perfect timing because it's always two weeks before our first event of the season so it kind of gives us inspiration. Also, I got some new (LOTS) items while I was there. I got a Nunn-Finer 5 Way Breastplate, FITS breeches, Wellington Pro helmet, SMB Pro Choice XC boots, Marielle Monoflap jumping saddle, Bobby's English Tack jumping bridle, etc. It was a good year at Rolex. Not to mention, all of the new stuff I got made me feel more confident for my season. That may sound silly but think about it. When you get a new pair of jeans, when you put them on, doesn't it just make you feel more confident? Well now that I'm competing this season in brand new equipment, I guess I have more confidence than if I was competing in my 8 year old hand-me-down-too-small saddle.

So we had our first event of the season in May. It didn't go as well as I'd hoped. To start of, we had non-stop rain the entire weekend. The rain stressed me out. During an event, I'm already stressed and want everything to go perfectly, so the rain was not in my plan. I had a TERRIBLE dressage test, a 48.5. That score put me in dead last and I was extremely pissed off at myself. Thank God for our jumping abilities, because I still managed to end on a high note. I went double clear on cross country, and double clear in show jumping. It bumped me up about 5 placings and I got a 5th place ribbon leaving that event. Which means one positive thing: I got my first qualification for AEC's. YAY! But I don't like how I got it, I mean I don't want to go to AEC and screw everything up. I win at the jumping. Never have I ever knocked a rail, had a refusal, or time penalties. So if Millennium and I can win in the dressage, we'd literally be unstoppable. There are a ton of people that come up to me and compliment me on my horses boldness and jumping ability, and how good we look when we jump. Also, during that month, I got pulled out of school early to go cross country schooling. Once again, we had a freaking flawless cross country schooling, as usual. We jumped mostly prelim stuff, with some training and novice sprinkled in there. I think it's embarrassing that I school prelim cross country regularly and then compete beginner novice. It's not right.

This month I've only had one horse show so far, as I've scratched from the Queeny Park Event. I went to my USPC Midwest Region Mega Rally last week, where we did three dressage tests and 3 courses (equitation, choose your own line, and speed/jump off.) Well, once again I had perfect dressage warmups and then screwed up my tests. My jumping, on the other hand, came quite a surprise to me. The first day (equitation), I was putting in a flawless jumping round, when I freaking went off course and jumped the wrong jump!!! UGH! So I got eliminated that day. The second day (choose your own line), I put in a perfect jumping round. The third day (speed/jump off), I was putting in the best ride I think I've ever ridden in a long ass time, and right after jump six, I thought I was done. And then I had a lightbulb moment and realized that I had to jump 7a, 7b, and 8! So I raced around the arena trying to get to the jumps. So yeah, I went off course again. But since I didn't jump the wrong jump, I only got 4 faults for crossing my own line. It pissed me off completely. I had NEVER gone off in course in my life, not on cross country and not on show jumping. And I did it twice in one weekend. But it's whatever... we still jumped great!

Things will begin changing soon... Millennium is going to get sent to dressage boot camp with an advanced level eventer, because nobody can figure him out currently.

I will try and post some videos on youtube soon.
Take care for now! :)